Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finding time for more than 120 Characters

Like many others busy people, I find that Twitter provides the perfect medium for sharing my thoughts, interesting articles I have read and letting my family and friends know what I am doing. Add-ons, like FourSquare, track and communicate my comings and goings without me needing to type a word. Working on the theory that everything you do or say is likely to become public these days  - you just have to live with it.

As autumn arrives in South East Australia, and the daylight is clipped at either end,  I am hoping to spend some more time developing my thoughts beyond 120 charcters  and writing about the places I am visting rather just posting a picture and location reference. As Apple takes down its iWeb at the end of this month,  this Blogger site  will become my main web outlet.

Some up-comming new appointments at the Cathedral will reduce the number of locum 'hats' I am currently wearing and hopefully give me some more time to write on some topical issues close to my heart.

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