Sunday, May 15, 2011


My latest Skype software up-grade was to version, downloaded on the same day that Microsoft announced a  US$8B+ purchase of Skype. 

Having been a Skype user from it's early days,  I now would find it difficult to communicate as frequently as I do (across the globe and locally) at minimal expense, without Skype.

Using Skype I can have a real-time face-to-face conversations with colleagues and family anywhere in the world  - providing  they have an internet connection to their computer or mobile device.

Using Skype to share documents and live desktop activities allows an ability to be 'virtually' present at meetings and  gatherings as never before. Be it a Board Meeting or a 30th Birthday Party.

You will see that I have included a Skype icon on this Blog and also on my main website . These will allow you to make an internet call directly to me. If i am not at a Skype enabled device it will route through to a landline or mobile telephone.

Otherwise you can reach me at Skype on: bpschaplain

If you want to download the free version of Skype Click Here

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