Saturday, April 10, 2010

Social Networking Media

"Where have you been?"  "Is all well?"  "Given up on Fb?"

I have been surprised by the number of emails that I have received these last few weeks containing comments like those above. Whilst  I am part  of the demographic that supposedly makes up the  largest group of Social Networking Media users (SNMUs), I refrain from letting it run my life.

It is good to be able to catch up with family and friends across the globe and to be informed of their joys and troubles almost the instant something happens,  but does this always require a written comment or acknowledgment that the post/tweet/blog has been read?  I use the application 'Tweetdeck' on my iPhone, MacBook and the iMacs around the house. When the application is minimalised it opens a window briefly above any open application when someone or some topic I am following has a hit. This includes twitter feeds, twitter searches, linkedin, facebook, alerts from the fire brigade about local incidents and from the railways (V Line) about train cancellations or delays. I can also review all posts during a specific time-frame from the man tweetdeck screen.

So whilst I haven't been posting much in recent weeks,  I have been keeping an eye on things - locally and globally - and feel informed.

In addition to the  usual Holy Week and Easter things,  I have been writing and working on a couple of projects. Today I think I have hopefully avoided the flu to the extent that some others around me have suffered.

My next blog post should look at why all of the most recent blogs  have been about water?

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