Sunday, March 15, 2009

Don't knock the old church buildings but look for God in the gutter too.

A post I left on a discussion on another site:

..remember that the the early house-churches of the pre-Constantine era often gathered in the opulent villas of wealthy Roman citizens - I have no problem with the continued use of magnificent and beautiful buildings that speak of man's need to express his understanding and need of a transcendent God. But God must be encountered in the gutter as well as in the Gothic, in the sinner as well as in the Sanctuary, in the broken as well as in the Beautiful.

As Aquinas would say: we should look at every person, not as we find them , but as the person the creator has given them the potential to be.

Steam Traction Engines to Move Churches

This innocent Post from the Provost of Glasgow Cathedral had me wondering about what it really requires to move churches today. But not as in this case the building, but to move the people.

A place for those who need a home - where scum are made welcome

Following on from yesterdays' post - and the worthwhile exchange of posts it generated Click Here - I offer this today:

Timothy Radcliffe OP quotes the often misunderstood Ab of C Rowan Williams in a chapter of a book that he titles 'Breeding Pandas':

" To be built by God into a sanctuary... is to be built into a temple whose doors are open, where God is to be found and God's peace makes a difference. ... But we are called (and here he is referring to the everyone who would call themselves Christian) to be a kingdom or priests, and to be built as a holy temple so that the world may be invited , may see, may be transfigured.

Radcliffe, Timothy OP, What is the point of being a Christian?, (p 179) London 2005

The church as Sanctuary - a place of refuge, a place of asylum: not for the initiated but for the poor, the scum, for those with nowhere else to go, for those who have stories that others won't want to share.

This was Christ's idea of the 'kingdom' - I didn't see many like this at the cathedral this morning - unless they were hiding under their big hats and covering up their tatts with those long gloves.