Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Heavens are Telling the Glory of God

A lot has been written this week, understandably given that the appointed Gospel reading is from Mark 1, about the experiences one can have when out in the physical wilderness. The writers have been on the majority 'city dwellers' who rarely see the stars at night due to a combination of city lights and fog. Living miles from anywhere this is the opposite to my own experience. When I step out at night I am reminded of the vastness of what lies beyond us; the billions of stars and planets which appear hung in their appointed places. 

Joseph Haydn's oratorio The Creation was the first large-scale choral work that I performed in as a boy  and I can still remember the thrill of singing "The Heavens are telling the Glory of God". I am reminded (with the music filling my head) of this each night when the stars greet me.

Another song from my childhood, but from an altogether different style, which I also remember when looking at the stars proclaims:
"If there's life on other planets, then I'm sure that he must know, and He's been there once already and will take those children home".
As part of our stopping and listening this Advent let's look at the stars like the wisemen did and at least get some idea of God's greatness