Thursday, January 09, 2014

Getting Fitter in 2014

The Fitbit device is keeping me on my toes, literally.  It measures every step I take, the number of hours REM sleep I manage and, together with the integrated WiFi scales, my daily weight loss/gain.

I am up to obtaining half of my recommend steps for each day and have kept my weight down to 72 Kgs, gaining or loosing .5Kgs per day, by eating regular small portions and monitoring my Calorie  intake/burn during the day.

Blood Pressure and Heart-rate are monitored twice a day and logged against medication, mood and pain level.

Phillip and I are playing some gentle tennis and badminton on a section of the new car parking area we have created at the top of the main Drive.  We have to watch the wind and Svetlana who likes to run off with our balls if we miss a shot. Badminton is less stressful on the back but not as exercise-intensive as the tennis.

Walking is still the most  popular form of exercise: it was surprising to discover that I had walked just short of 1Km in the Supermarket the other day - aided  by a high-shelf shopping trolley with non-wonkey wheels.

The regime seem to be working and my BP was in the normal range today for the first time in 7 weeks.  Tomorrow will be the first time in a long while that I venture out to a formal occasion - dinner followed by the opening of the Organ Festival - I hope I can manage my Black Oxfords and that I have a suit that will not look too big when I put it on.  I can now fit back into my Mess Dress, made for me by Gieves and Hawkes back in 1982,  that was after a very fit year at Sandhurst.

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