Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Scottish Problem (dont mention Macbeth)

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Some of you may have seen my contribution to an article in The Times on Scottish Independence. In response to a reply I received I have just posted the following:

"... Lily, I too believe that small is beautiful and in any other situation would support an independent Scotland. I also dont believe that this is a matter of Right or Left politics. Growing up in England, having friends at University who were members of the Wee Free (that’s probably not the correct spelling) Church, I had a view that Scotland was a  very Black&White/Protestant, non-liberal, anachronistic society: thankfully I have been proved wrong. During my time in the Army - I was an officer in the RAMC - I met a lot of very fine Scots who made a significant contribution to the colour and dynamics that are essential in any tight-knit community. They, and my subsequent following of Scottish politics, have endeared me to the Scottish people.

I now spend the majority of my time in Australia. Here we have States and Territories and a Federal Government. The States are definitely independent, but when the chips are down the ANZAC spirit kicks in and the Nation unites. My fear is that Scotland alone may become vulnerable, not that England will be the weaker.

 I do think that the Northern Ireland situation is relevant in maintaining peace though out  the British Isles. Perhaps a federalism, like Australia, might work. Elizabeth II is still Queen of Australia and it is not that long ago that a referendum on a Republic was heavily defeated. I will not please some of my Ozzie readers with these comments, but it is still the mind of the People.

I do hope that whatever happens,  it is enacted in a peaceful way with due process and the consideration of all, especially  those  who perceive that they do not have a voice.

Regards and Best wishes. "

This is what I said in my original post:

"...For a well-reasoned view of why we should make a strong case for the continuance of the Union and say ‘No’ to Scottish Independence see the current edition of The Spectator: Politics | James Forsyth; “If no one makes the case for the Union, how can we win?”

Here is a titbit from the article: “The Scots need reminding that independence will turn the English and Welsh into foreigners”.

The effects that an Independent Scotland would have on the Northern Ireland situation make serious food for thought."


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Here is a link to recent article in The Times on this subject.

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