Monday, December 30, 2013

Cleaning Up My Facebook Account

If you are seeing this then you are not on the delete list.

I have cleaned up the Fb friends as I normally do at this time of year. This year my parameters are different. Normally I  would 'de-friend' people who have moved on - in once sense or another - this year  I have de-friended those people that I have moved on from. Those who I dont want to know the in-and-outs of my daily life. My full profile is for Friends only and not much is shown on my Public site. It is a cathartic experience and removes a lot of angst.

On the very rare occasions that I have removed someone during the year, I have normally, after a plea from them, re-instated them. This is not my practice with the Christmas purge.  As the race commentator  says: "their off!"

Only three removed this year: one of them is now singing with the angels, having died earlier in the year.

My comments on Independent Rule for Scotland have caused a bit of a stir on The Times Online website. Follow the previous links if you are interested. The debates have been robust but generally with a high level of respect.

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