Sunday, December 29, 2013

As 2013 Draws to its Close

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Four months since my last Post on here, and as I have said elsewhere, the convenience of Twitter  and Facebook have very much overtaken the domestic Blog.  Quickly dictated Tweets, linked to Facebook with  auto generated locations, times and picture up-loads have become the normative social media approach for most of us who have been blogging since the early days.

The data bears this out: twenty plus Tweets a day, the same amount of Facebook comments, plus the re-Tweets and Fb replies, keeps the world notified of how things are going - on not, as the case may be.

SO, I will endeavour to update this more frequently in the coming year and deal with some meatier issues here, hopefully in more depth than on Fb.

Let's see how we go. If I can get better integration of the other Social Media sites with Blogger and easier access  to allow  Postings from my iPads, life should be a lot easier.

We have just had dinner in the middle of me typing this (stuffed chicken with Broccoli and Roast Potatoes - no gravy) and we were talking about my mother's recent acquired skills with the iPad and Facebook. Yesterday there was an article in The Age (Melbourne) discussing how Facebook has fallen out of favour with the younger generation but is gaining ground with adults and their parents/grandparents. I think that this is true for the majority. Now there are no secrets hidden from the family and mother knows all (including what a 'Selfie' is!) :)

Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season and all the best for 2014.

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