Saturday, June 01, 2013

Reading and Posting

Time to catch up on Newspapers and Periodicals 

You would think that at the moment I would have all the time to read every publication I subscribe to along with all of the Posts on the social networking sites I belong to.  The truth is I have been so tired each day, after treatment and/or the various medications that I have to take,  that I end up spending more time in listing/sleeping to the BBC radio via "TuneIn" radio than reading. 

Even typing is an effort. So I don't: whenever I need to write or respond to someone, I dictate standing and staggering around in a very Churchillian manner, from one chair or leaning post to another, In my dressing gown, using the dictation function on my iPhone and thanking God for iCloud and its content sharing across all of my devices. (At the same time driving the rest of the household mad).

So this afternoon I am reading all those things on the iPad: sat in my chair  before  a roaring log fire, eating crumpets with homemade Blood Plum jam and drinking 'French' Earl Grey tea.  

Phillip has meanwhile hogged the Study to do some scanning of some of his old photographs before they fade. I am dictating over some 'modern' music emanating from his iTunes. 

But I must go, take some medication and lie flat again as the back pain is unbearable. I missed the lunchtime pills -  Short-term memory is not very good. But I am sure that although the pain is now unbearable, the absence of some of the medication today has given me some more energy and better concentration. Must check my BP first! 

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