Saturday, June 19, 2010

Press Release from the DIocese of Ballarat

Embargoed until 11.30am (EST) on Saturday 19 June 2010
Announcement on behalf of Bishop Michael Hough
Bishop Michael Hough has tendered his resignation as the Bishop of Ballarat with his last
day in office to be Monday, 20 December 2010, following a service of the Laying up of the
Pastoral Staff on Sunday, 19 December 2010.
Bishop Michael says that he has come to this decision with a heavy heart, and after much
prayer and reflection on the unity of the Diocese and its mission.
Bishop Michael hopes that in his stepping aside, the People of God in the diocese will
commit with fresh vigour to make known the transforming mystery and love of Christ to all
people in the diocese of Ballarat.
The Bishop hopes that the diocese will continue with its mandate for mission, enlivening
our traditions and liturgies throughout the diocese in all kinds of faith communities, bringing
those outside the Church into a relationship with God; with the poor and marginalised
continuing to be a priority.
Announcement on behalf of the Complainants
In late 2008, a number of clergy and lay people of the Diocese of Ballarat or with previous
connection to the Diocese of Ballarat together brought individual Complaints concerning
the conduct of the Bishop of Ballarat before the Episcopal Standards Commission of the
Anglican Church of Australia.
After a long process, the Complaints have been resolved by a confidential Deed of
Settlement negotiated and entered into by the Complainants, the Bishop of Ballarat and the
Diocese of Ballarat. As a result, the Complainants have withdrawn their Complaints.
The settlement has been made possible by the commitment of all the parties involved to
the unity and mission of the Church in the Diocese of Ballarat.

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