Monday, September 27, 2010

Twitter and Facebook V. Blogging

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I am beginning to think that the reason some of us aren't Blogging so much as before is because we expose ourselves to too-much information on Social Net-Working sites, then  we spend time responding to those posts or articles, that there is very little time left to blog or very little left to be said in a blog that we haven't posted or commented on elsewhere. (That was a long, lawyer-like sentence - apologies.)

A web-page or a blog in the early days - pre Twitter, Facebook, linkedin and picture hosting sites -  was a great way to share news and pictures with family and friends around the globe. Today, especially with the evolution of software such as Tweetdeck, we can access all of this information - whilst editing the bits we really are interested in - and respond in typographical soundbites.

That is probably the equivalent in Characters  of six to seven Tweets.

Post Scriptum: It is also very difficult to compose a blog on an iPhone: another reason for Tweeting and Fb.

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