Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bishop's Registry Training Day

Today the staff, lay and clerical, of the Bishop's Registry had a half-day training session. The facilitator focused on the various dynamics operating within the group and the inter-dependencies that help the group function effectively.

The picture is of an "expression" that was made by the group that I was a member of. I must confess that for me this was the best part of the morning.

Here's the explanation of the "expression" as best as I can remember it.

  • The Cross - Constructed from an assortment of coloured pipe-cleaners - represents the many different crosses than people bring to and prop-up around the Registry. The umbrella in the centre of the cross is a symbol of God's umbrella of love over all of these crosses.
  • The Figures around the Cross - each with a different colour feather to speak of the variety of personalities that are present in the group and that how together these harmonise in juxtaposition like a rainbow. Some of the sub-gifts of the individuals are represented by the objects in their arms or at their feet.
  • Around the Cross - are presents, flowers and produce; each speaks for a member of the group.
  • Band-Aids - talk about the healing process that helps to keep the group together. The Secure Cable-tie, replacing a Band-Aid in one relationship, speaks of the stronger tie that sometimes is required.
  • The Outer Perimeter and the Carnival Masks - speak of the need for a celebration of life both within and beyond the Registry.

We had ten minuets to discuss our approach and the same to construct it with a wide choice of materials to choose from.

I think our team had fun and at the same time reflected deeply about
our group dynamic.

You can tell from the colour of the feather which one represents me.

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