Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Gospel In Action

Today I posted the following on the Archdeacon's blog, as a response to his recent blog about the GS in York and today's Gospel:

Someone in the congregation this morning had asked for public prayer as later this week she approaches an operation to remove a cancerous tumour.

Before the Dismissal I invited her to come forward for prayer and invited members of the congregation, if they felt moved to, to come and pray with me for her.

About a dozen of her closest friends came forward and they put their hands on her shoulders as we prayed together. That sort of prayer is something new to that parish, those co-praying were as uplifted by the prayers and the sharing in the ministry of healing as the one seeking prayer was.

The end of today's gospel reading reminds us that the disciples were successful in healing the sick in Jesus' name.

Today I saw a glimpse of the type of church we can be when we 'go as sent' and put our faith into action.

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