Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Put People First Prayer

Father, we stand before you in prayer as the global economy crisis casts a shadow over the peoples of the earth. In a word as closely connected as ours, each of our actions affects the whole. We are sorry when we have failed to act beyond our narrow interests. Help us to live as a community and care for others, especially the vulnerable and the poor amongst us.

As the G20 meet, we ask for wisdom for the leaders of the world. Where nations have pushed their agendas on others, bring partnership and love. Where people have lived lives disconnected from their brothers and sisters in other countries; bring solidarity and compassion. May we see the dawning of a new world, with your values at its heart; a world of justice, mercy and humility.

May the poor not be forgotten in the midst of crisis.

All: Father, as your people, help us to raise our voices. As your church worldwide, let us rise up in prayer, in speaking out and in demonstrating your way of life, so that out of the ruins of this current crisis might come help for a better world.


This prayer was used at the serive in Westminister Central Hall before the PPF rally last weekend


James K said...

Is it okay if we use this on our Canadian Foodgrains Bank website to inspire Canadians to act on climate change? We would link to this blog. Please respond.

James K said...

Is it okay if we use this prayer in our work on cliamte change justice -- Canadian Foodgrains Bank - look us up, we are taking action on climate change and asking Canadians (mostly Christians) to support this.