Sunday, February 15, 2009

Haze and Smog a reminder to the State

The haze and smoke covering most of the State of Victoria is a reminder to us all - as if we needed one - of the fact that the fires are continuing to burn in the East of the State. We are all shrouded in this disaster as we are all enveloped in this smoke haze.

With over 7,000 people homeless and 1800 plus buildings and homes destroyed, this situation will not go away when the smoke lifts. In Britain the snow has brought fun as well as difficulties; the financial cost has been in terms of the interruptions to business, commerce and industry. In Victoria the financial cost is not yet being calculated as the loss of Human life and livelihoods is paramount in the thoughts and concerns of its people.

We have lit our candles and said our prayers; we have made our donations to the various relief and aid funds; we have donated goods and clothes - it is as this next week approaches that we will feel our own helplessness and we will need to find ways to support each other in our collective grief and loss.

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