Saturday, November 29, 2008


Have you noticed that there has been a renewed focus on Advent this year? The paper and electronic media have been a buzz with the directions and pronouncements of senior clerics; the Archbishop of Canterbury has even posted a video on youtube.

Ruth Gledhill, writing in The Times sums it up thus:

The Advent period running up to Christmas, traditionally a time of reflection and contemplation, has been "squeezed" by consumer pressures and frenetic activity, the Church said at the launch of a new website to help Christians mark the season.

This new website WhyAreWeWaiting offers:

"... an online calendar, podcasts, reflections and "waiting tips" on the Advent season described as a "daily dose of chocolate" for the soul."
Yummy as Fr David Oulton would say!

When I tried to access it earlier I recieved a message informing me that the site had exceed its daily allowance, which hopefully indicates that it is getting 'well hit' (I think that is the correct lingo!).

The Diocesan Office in Ballarat has also had to place an additional order for Advent Candles this year, exceeding last years intra-diocesan orders by the first week of November and now out of stock form the second order placed.

Could it be that we are aware that the commercial-side of Christmas will be less glitzy this year and so we are wanting to re-discover the true purpose of the Advent Season? Thereby preparing ourselves for the re-discovery of the best Christmas gift of all: that God became Man in Jesus.

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