Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back to the task@hand

I admire Bishop Michael's ability to make a Blog entry as frequently as he does: I told him so recently. Apart from professional journalists and hi-tech Bishops, it seems very difficult for the average blogger to 'blog' on a regular basis, whilst remaining relevant and interesting. I know that there are those who use their blog space as a daily 'public' journal, but that is not for me.

As some of you are aware, the last two months have been fully occupied, including another trip to London; this time to help celebrate my parent's Golden Wedding. I am hoping that this weekend marks a return to a more settled period - yesterday was the first 'free' Saturday I have had for over two months - and a chance to catch up on correspondence and writing something other than homilies and official letters.

I will work on my main site and hope to create a site as a reference and resource site. I am often asked for copies of things I quote or refer to in homilies and will paste links on this new site. I will also try to make it accessible form this site.

A thank you to those who have understood the recent pressures and responsibilities that have precluded any postings here.


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