Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Time for the Church to Speak Out

Although this is not directly on the subject of mission, it is about the church taking action and being a voice. I have been following the reports in the UK press today regarding the requests from at least 3 British university research departments to mix the cells of animals and humans. Both The Times and The Telegraph have covered this and I have made comments on their sites.

The thrust of my argument is this:

Any reasonable argument against the creation of Chimeric embryos is going to get shot down by various attempts to appeal to our post-modern need for absolute health.

Hollywood Stars, cut down in their prime by disease, will tug at our communal heart strings and plea for this research to proceed so that they can return to the Silver Screen and entertain us as before.

My fear is this entire debate will be focused on any potential life-saving or life-enhancing benefits the research might bring. The real issue, blending human and animal into one being, will be glossed over until we find that some notoriety chasing
scientist has gone too far and produces a humanoid rabbit.

This has must be stopped.

I trust that the religious leaders will speak up and speak out against this.

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