Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Evangelistic Walking - God Help Us!

Dave Walker of the CartoonChurch.com has an article on Evangelistic Walking (if you have read my comments on this on my main site, skip to the next post). This has apparently been given the blessing of the Mission Department of the Diocese of Chichester, UK. I can now confirm that this has now arrived Down-Under. Having just arrived back from the UK a few weeks ago, I went with my companion for lunch at a neighbouring village. There was a mixed group (ages, backgrounds ,drinking habits) at the next table, talking over each other and generating much don’t-get-smart-with-me banter. After fighting over the division of the bill, refusing to leave any tip, they got up to leave. As they left an older member of the group approached me, she stroked my dog Glastonbury, who was on my lap, and still looking at the dog, invited me to the old blue stone church around the corner, passing me a coffee-stained handbill that had the other information she failed to communicate – they were having a mission. When I explained that I ministered in the parish next door she apologised, explained she was from Sydney (as if I hadn’t guessed), that she was just here for the mission and then, with out looking at my friend asked me “would he like one?” Well if that didn’t confirm his views on foot-path evangelism.

Yes, I think I would hide if this group came chasing me along the street. At least with the Hari Chrisners (sic) you here them coming!

I’m waiting for Dave’s cartoon about this. I will post a link here when he publishes one.

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